Maidscando are a family run company

Maidscando were formed due to the frustrations at business and home, not being able to find a professional cleaning and hygiene company. It was impossible to find a company that were accredited, and not only cleaned to high standards, but supplied the back office support and accreditation that would be expected in other industries.


Domestic, Industrial and Commercial

Whether you are domestic customer, industrial, commercial, or from any other sector, Maidscando will provide you with Exceptional cleaning and hygiene services with the back office support to enable us to work in partnership with you and create you an environment that you will be safe, and that you, your visitors, staff and guests will be proud of.

You can expect to receive:

  • All staff DBS screened and identity verified
  • Highly trained staff including COSH, Safe Contractor and First Aid
  • Digital job sheet records, emailed to you on completion of work
  • Risks and Method Statements prior to any commercial or industrial work
  • 24/7/365 call out
  • One off, regular or contract cleans